The Most Ambitious Painting

I thought I would start blogging again. I am going to try to go on an art journey this year. I have some plans for my art journal as well as using this blog over the year as a way to get myself into habits. So what should you expect over 2013? Images of my artwork, documentation of things I’ve pinned on Pinterest, and other such tidbits.

LnD mixed-media collage. Made with cut paper, acrylic, stamps,
metal paperclip and gel medium.

Off we go: The first order of business is LnD.  This is a multimedia piece I created for some co-workers who recently married. This is the completed work.

I used a bit of layering for the background, molding paste for  texture across the canvas, and bubble wrap to add circles.

Next, I layered paper and bits of the wedding invitation envelope, stamp, and initials sticker. Every decision was made to highlight one aspect or another of the couple. The entire piece is mostly paper, acrylic, and newspaper.

This is one of the largest and most complex works I’ve done in a while. It’s also the first time I really planned everything out before gluing. I learned a lot during the creation of this piece. Next up: a turtle mixed-media piece.  I’ll also be making various Christmas gifts from Pinterest.

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