Technique Decision: To Spray or to Etch

Rubber bands placed around glass
Glass 1: Frosted Glass Spray Paint


Glass 2: Etching Cream

As I’m sure a lot of people have,  I pinned the rubber band frosted glass idea. I thought it would be fantastic for a holiday gift. The picture looked cool but the link didn’t go anywhere.  I did some searching and found several blog posts.

The first blog I found for someone attempting this was unhappy with the results.

The second blog post I found talked about using etching instead of the spray paint because she was going to use them for drinking glasses.

I thought I would give both ideas a whirl.  Frankly, etching cream makes me nervous because the warnings list burns and being fatal. I’m no fan of “fatal”.  Probably because I’m a bit lazy about gloves, newspaper, and taking precautions. (Although, I used all thoes things in this case.)

For the first glass, I used frosted glass spray paint. I held the can about a foot away when spraying and gave it about 3 or so coats. I wanted to avoid the clumping that happened with the first post I found. The spray seemed to work well. I could have maybe gave it a couple more coats just for good measure.

For the second glass I used etching cream. I left it on for maybe 20 min –  I wasn’t really keeping track.  I wore gloves and realized after I had rinsed the cream off  that I didn’t put enough on in the areas I wanted etched.

After both glasses were rubber band free and rinsed, I think the spray looks pretty good. I don’t feel like the lines are crisp enough for my liking. I think the etching would work and look better overall.  I know it’s hard to tell because  I didn’t quite put an even coat of etching cream everywhere  but I can tell from my test that it would provide better results.

For the next round, now that I have chosen my technique, I think I am going to used tape to cut the design. I think that will allow me to use a paint knife to spread the cream more evenly.

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