Shrink Plastic Buttons

Who doesn’t love shrink plastic? – Oh, who are we kidding? Who doesn’t love Shrinky Dinks!  I can’t tell you how many things I’ve seen on Pinterest lately that refers to “shrink plastic”.

Let’s call a spade a spade!

I have very fond memories from the early-80’s when I got a Barbie-themed Shrinky Dink Christmas gift. I loved it. As an adult, I was so happy to learn 1) it still existed and 2) you could get all sorts – printable, clear, and even the kid-type design packs.

Anyway, I pinned these really adorable Shrink Plastic Buttons. The post recommends specific pens but since I didn’t have them, I tried it with a rubber stamp and StazOn Ink. I think they are adorable and would make fantastic embellishments. I can’t wait to try it with custom drawings or hand-carved stamps.

For the buttons,  I followed the tutorial from the pin.  (I would recommend watching the video at the bottom of the post because it was fun.)  Plus – I love that I can just use my heat gun instead of having to bother with the oven.

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