Pictures on to Glass

Pre-paper removal.

Another Pinterest exploration. Earlier, while lost on Pinterest, I saw this neat idea for image transfers on to glass.  Now, I’ve used gel medium to do image transfers and although, I’ve read it can be done with packing tape, I have not tried it.

Post paper removal. I forgot to get a final shot so
this is mid-drying of layer two.

For this project, I used a couple of the Ikea glasses from the “To Spray or Etch” project and some holiday photos.  I changed the photos to black and white and printed them using my laser printer. (Ink Jet will not work for this project.)

I put lamination over the images and burnished them to make sure the image and laminate were quite good friends.  Then, I soaked them in water and rubbed off the paper.  I got a little too aggressive rubbing the paper off and took some ink with it for one of the images.  After all the paper was removed, I used Modge Podge to add the images to the glasses. I added five coats. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The person who received these glasses really liked them.

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