Canvas 1 : Me 0

First layer: light blue/white color


Second Layer: Beige – I was not happy with the color. It
wasn’t quite what I wanted.


Third Layer: Lighter brown – everything looked like mud.


Fourth and Fifth Layers – tried more blue – too saturated
tried more dark colors and then….


Layer Six: Admitted defeat and applied gesso to the whole
thing.  Oh the beauty of starting over.

So, I’m working on this large canvas project where I plan to build up the subject in paper. I want to develop a deep rich background. I have a kind of beachy color palette that  I am working with. I really liked the first layer. If I had used horizontal brush strokes instead of vertical ones this could have been a nice color for the canvas.

Then, I added some beige (but I missed the mark on the color in my mind…it clashed a bit with the first layer.) I thought it might be salvageable. I added this brown with messy brush strokes to allow the blue to show through.

I thought a lighter brown might help. The entire thing turned to mud. Anyway, long story short,  I decided I couldn’t save it and just finished covering the whole thing. I love gesso.

That canvas will submit to me as soon as I plan out my color palette a bit more.

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