With a little love….Turtles.

Besides the matchbox shrines, this is what I’ve been working on. Every time I do one of these paper collages I learn something new. When I did the painting for LnD, I learned not to use too many layers or glue sticks to put the pieces together because the self-leveling gel (SLG) caused a lot of wrinkling – although the final piece looked fine.

For this one, I used gel medium as the adhesive which prevented a lot of the wrinkling. The paper was thicker with more texture and the gel medium muted the glitter and other enhancements. However, when the SLG was applied, it evened out all of the brush strokes and brought out the glitter so it sparkled again.  This time though, the problems included a bunch of the SLG sitting over the turtles faces, bleeding ink, and my inability to not touch things.

The first set of turtle eyes were done with pen – same with the mouths. The SLG made the ink bleed so everything got really sad.

I never actually took a picture of the ruined eyes but you can see the original inked eyes and mouths above. At first I was so annoyed with myself for not thinking of just using paper to begin with!  So new eyes were added and another layer of SLG was applied.  The second layer wasn’t very thick – I wasn’t trying to heavily coat the thing – I just wanted to cover the new eyes and make them blend back with the rest of the piece.
Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the final and the person who received it liked it- which was the whole point. I’m really digging building these scenes with paper.

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