Love Birds

Acrylic Painting from a Paint and Sip


Acrylic, paper, gel medium, watercolor, pen, text.


Acrylic, paper, gel medium, watercolor, pen, text, ribbon,
and grommet.

A couple weeks ago, my friend and I went to this fun little shop called arts-n-carafes in Renton, WA. It’s an awesome business. You choose a class based on the painting that will be taught that day.  When you get there you complete the scheduled painting with the whole class. A glass of wine and snacks are provided.  (Of course you can also buy a bottle during the class, which we did – meaning I had to go over all my outlines with a pen the next day because three glasses of wine does not equal a steady hand. Thank you 14 Hands Hot to Trot.) The first picture was taken after outline touch up.

While in class, I thought a text transfer would be cool over the birds. I chose a quote about birds and had Google translate it into Japanese characters. I added tissue paper to the heart and additional paper to the tree and sun. I also adjusted some of the highlights with a white pen.

I added additional paper leaves and gave the birds new, bigger beaks. After I added the ribbon  they are using to hold the heart, the birds’ beaks were practically non-existent. A grommet holds the ribbon to the heart.

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