Gage Academy of Art – Week 1

Well, just finished my first, 3-hour drawing class for week one at Gage Academy.  I decided to take a beginners course because I haven’t drawn for a while or had any real instruction, so, I thought it would be a good refresher.

I think my contour drawing turned out ok. There are a few issues but for a first attempt it worked out. This week, I have to practice doing more contour drawings. I was on target with the rest of the class.

Next Tuesday, we work on value.  I have a long way to go; practice will be the key.

Drawing Again.

I watch A Show with Ze Frank regularly.  Last week, I re-read the transcript of the video above. After that, I realized I was feeling unhappy and needed to make some changes.  So, I decided I was going to add more structured art time to my life. I don’t do enough of it and I love it.  No point in wasting time wishing I was creating art when I could just be doing it!

Since, most of my work lately has been mixed media, imagination, abstract, and nonrepresentational art. I haven’t really drawn from direct observation with any level of seriousness since the stone age (or 1996).  With this in mind, I’ve recently registered for a class at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.  I’ll be starting there end of this month.  It’s a beginner class – because I was worried that my skills had deteriorated.  I figured this class would be a good kick-start to warm up my skills.

Since I have a good three weeks before the class starts, I thought I would read Betty Edwards, Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain book as a pre-class warm up. Today, I did the three pre-instruction drawings of a self-portrait, my hand, and face from memory. I will post a side by side after I’m done reading the book and completing the exercises.

After doing the drawings today, I thought I would just sit down and try to draw something simple from direct observation – Enter LED flashlight. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty good for not drawing in years. In fact, the self-portrait I did today was better than the one I did three years ago when I started the Betty Edwards book back then.  In fact, I’m not even sure if I will see this through to the end but I’d like to and I have plan – which I should probably flesh out into a “smart” goal with a timeline and tasks and such.

LED Flashlight – direct obs, pencil on paper – 15 min

Off we go! No point daydreaming when I can just make it happen.