Porcelain Mugs

The last of my holiday projects that I will be posting about was from this pin. I was going to Zentangle on the mugs but I am not an expert Zentangler. Tangling on a curved surface proved quite challenging. My one tangle attempt turned out ok. The main problem with this project was the inconsistency of the pens.

Maybe it was user error, I found the pens to give too much or not enough ink which caused inconsistency with my lines – regardless, after baking I was able to run the cup below through the dishwasher and it held up fairly well. There was one area on the other side that vanished. I ran one unbaked cup through the dishwasher and it was blank when it came out. It had dried for more than three days. I didn’t like the design so it was great that it washed off and confirmation that the ink wouldn’t hold up without baking. Unfortunately, I’ve wrapped all the other mugs and forgot to take pictures first!
This was a fun project overall and a great inexpensive way to make some gifts. I bought white mugs from a thrift store. The most expensive part were the pens!

Seattle, WA, USA

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