Cauliflower Pizza Crust – It Works!

Many months ago on Pinterest, I saw this pin about a cauliflower pizza crust.  Although, skeptical, I pinned the recipe thinking I’d try it some day. Well – someday has arrived! Today, I made this little gem of a recipe. I think I could have squeezed a bit more water out of the cooked “cauli-rice” before blending the rest of the ingredients but it still worked out well.  You can tell it isn’t a regular crust when you eat it but as far a substitutes go, it is quite tasty. I would certainly make this again. Follow the link above for the full recipe. Pictures of every step (except the microwaving after the rice-ification step and the mix in the bowl.) Also, the cauli-rice stage shows me some good options for rice dishes. Maybe some fried “rice” is in my future.

Seattle, WA, USA

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