I found this dinosaur pattern on Pinterest from this site. I thought it would be an excellent gift for all the new babies in my life. I found some awesome fleece for half off and made eight little dinosaur friends. I added button eyes and mouths.

I gave my little goblin the prototype and he carried it around with him for days.  Every time he sees one he says, “You made that?!” I hope all his friends enjoy them.

These are super easy to make. I don’t use a sewing machine so I did them all by hand. The tricky part is making sure to sew completely through the ribbon or else it will not quite be in the seam. Of course, this might be easy to do if you use a machine.

Someday I’ll find a fellow lefty who is accomplished with sewing machines and let him/her show me how to thread the things.  I always, always do it backwards. Ah well. I like sewing by hand anyway. I find it relaxing.

Seattle, WA, USA

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