Gelli Plate Image Transfer – I’m in love!

While reading through posts for the Documented Life Project in its Facebook group, I learned about Gelli Plates. These are awesome gel slabs that can be used to create monoprints. Since most of the posts I saw about them were only prints, I wasn’t really interested in purchasing one. Then, I watched the video below by Gelli Arts. This opened my eyes to the versatility of this product and pretty much blew my mind.

I immediately used the Christmas gift my husband gave me to acquire my very own Gelli plate. Below are my first attempts at acrylic/packing tape image transfers. I will be doing this again many more times. It really does produce some interesting images.

This is the first layer I put down on my gelli plate. Then I
proceeded to not take a single photo until the end.


Complete gelli-film transfer.
Seattle, WA, USA

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  1. It's also pretty fun for printing on tissue to make paper out of. 😀 I have the large plate and love it for multi-layer journal backgrounds. 😀

    The red strips you did are pretty swell. Makes me want to do some of that for my FAVs. 😀

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