White Elephant Host Gift

A friend of mine invited me to a white elephant gift exchange (WEGE) this year. While trying to think of a unique host gift, it occurred to me that this was her second annual WEGE,  So I decided to make a re-usable White Elephant Gift Exchange bag. Ok the name isn’t that great.

So you know how a WEGE works, right? Everyone numbers off and then you pull numbered scraps of paper out of a random bag, hat, box – whatever you could find at the moment and the hilarity of the gift exchange ensues. Instead of shuffling around looking for a piece of paper and some random bowl, with this -it would be much easier to pull awesome stars out of a bag made just for this purpose.

I made this out of wood stars, spray painted and stamped with a white elephant on one side and a number on the other side.  I carved both elephants, the one on the stars and the one on the bag,  from Speedball Speedy Cut eraser material.

If I was going to make this again, I think I would modge podge paper onto the tile and stamp the number/elephant on to the paper – or I would use a different stamp pad. I used a white ColorBox for this project and it didn’t dry fully for days. When I tested one to add some shimmer the stamped image smeared (and it had been drying for several days.)  So I spray varnished them instead.

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