Mixed-media Project: Birds

While shopping at Ben Franklin, I found this five pack of vinyl birds just begging to be set on a wire. So, I’m starting a mixed media project to do just that.

I’ve prepped my canvas with black gesso and have a rough sketch of where everything is going to go. The birds are about a quarter of the size of the canvas so they will be just above the halfway point. I’m adding a city silhouette that will be along the bottom quarter.

I plan on choosing a city and then turning it into a stencil with cardboard. Using that, I hope to add a layer of molding paste to make the buildings have some texture – even though they will be in the distance.

Hrm. Maybe I want to re-think that. Maybe I should build the birds forward. Ah, I think I will just build in a bit of molding paste texture here and there instead of making the buildings “3D”.  Yes, I think that will work. (Welcome to on-the-fly problem solving.) The thing is still in planning stages.

I hope to make this project fairly slowly – I tend to rush when I am excited about a project. In order to prevent catastrophe, I will force myself to only work on one stage at a time and give a day or two between each stage to prevent the rush.  Let’s do this!

Seattle, WA, USA

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