Mixed-media Project: City Silhouette

Alrighty, so we left off on the project with a simple textured blue-greenish background.  I sketched and cut out the cityscape (picture 1 and 2).

Then using the mono-prints, I created the new silhouette. I’m waiting for some stencils to arrive which I plan to use with molding paste to add a little more texture. I also plan on painting a little more on the buildings to remove a little of the background paper color as well as to add lights in the windows. (I think – I’m still considering that.)


Documented Life week 8: Flap on a Flap.

This week for the Documented Life project we were challenged to add a flap to our flap. Now, this is one of the weeks I chose not to have a tip-in* so I didn’t have a flap to which to add another flap.

*A “tip-in” is really exactly what it sounds like. It is another bit of paper that you add to a book, magazine, journal that folds into the book to create a fold out spread.

Last week I was able to visit a couple times with a childhood friend. I love my friends and wish the best for them always. I want them to vanquish their foes and win every battle they have to fight.  This week’s journal entry is dedicated to my dear friends.

The smallest flap lifts to reveal an acrylic heart. The heart is on a larger monoprint circle that lifts to reveal a message.

There’s an image transfer on the left facing page – just in case you were curious as to how that image was produced. Lots of monoprints in this spread. The very background is a monoprint on deli paper.


Mixed-media Project: Silhouette monoprints.

So, I was going to print out a known cityscape, create a stencil and paint it onto the canvas. Instead, I decided I would create some black mono-prints to use for the city silhouette. Prints are done. I just have to plan what the silhouette will look like and then draw, cut and attach.  I made three similar prints. Once the city is planned and cut, I’ll post again.

Fine Art Valentines 2014 – The Gift

This year I participated in the much loved 2014 Fine Art Valentine (FAV) project hosted by one of my favorite fellow artists.

The object is to create an edition of 14 prints with the theme of Valentine’s day. This year, I made “The Gift”. When we love we give another our heart.

This was an eraser carving, printed by using gelatos and water onto a vintage chemistry page that had a light layer of gesso. (Because love includes chemistry, right?)

I added color to the heart with watercolor pencil. I really love that heart stamp. It was so much fun to carve. I feel like I need more anatomically correct internal organs carved as stamps. Ok, maybe a smaller version of this one sans jar.

I also really love the gelato method to print them because it allowed me to use different colors without having to try to get all tricky with trying to re-stamp over the same spot more than once.  Plus the gelato stamped image held its own even while I added the watercolor pencil and more water.

Fun fact – This is the first time I’ve really played around with gelatos. I just have to say they are faboo! If you want to try them before committing to the more costly set, (and want more than four colors) I would recommend buying the Faber-Castell Gel Sticks for kids. That is what I used and they are pretty much identical to the Faber-Castell gelatos as far as I can tell. Seriously, friends – if you want to try out a new medium or practice a technique and you don’t want to spend a ton of money on your experiment – go to the children’s art supply aisle.


The Gift.


Packaged up and ready to go!

Mixed-media Project: Birds – Finally Some Color

This week, I peeled back the non-glued page sections and sanded the whole thing. Then the canvas got a wash of white gesso and (after dried) another sanding.

I planned my new color palette. I’m going to go with more soft – but not pastel – blues and greens. I plan on including a tiny bit of red/purple along the silhouette. I think I should have painted the initial color down farther but that is easily fixed tomorrow or so.  I warned you that this project would be slow going.  I don’t think the pictures quite do the colors justice.

FYI – My desk has a glass top and under it there is room to put “stuff”. I only mention that for those of you who, like me, like to look behind the subject of a picture to see what else the photo holds. In picture two you can see the cover of a Powerful Choices for the Environment booklet that I worked on at my former job. In the first picture you can see my parasite pal patches. Those things still crack me up!


Documented Life Week 6: Pinterest Inspiration

The Documented Life Project for week six was to review our Pinterest boards for inspiration and then to make something using that inspiration.

My inspiration came from using deli paper for mono-prints on the gelli plate. Deli paper disappears when wet so it allows for different layers to show through as you build. I’m working on layering more this year

I used deli paper monoprints, acrylic paint transfers, and carved stamps. Although I didn’t use lettering, this was my inspiration pin.

Mixed-media Project: Birds – Next Step

Last week, I had a sketch, an idea, and a black-gesso covered canvas. I decided to go a slightly different route than the one I initially planned.

Originally, I was going to use bold reds, oranges, and yellows to create a dark-ish background to work with the city silhouette. I learned that the person I am planning to give this to, is drawn more to blues and greens  …so I’ve changed my mind a bit – but this change goes well with the first layer of texture I have planned.

**For this next paragraph all bibliophiles should look away!** I found this old book and I ripped out the pages to cover the canvas. Now, this act alone had me rethinking why I bothered with the black gesso – BUT I think it will work well for the edges I’ve masked them off so I don’t have to worry about painting the edges (for now.)

So once the pages were prepped, I used some handy dandy gel medium and glued the suckers down. I forced myself to walk away… next steps, ripping, sanding, a wash of white gesso, and finish planning the new color palette

Documented Life week 5: Doodled Border

This week the Documented life prompt suggested we doodle a border. I chose to doodle binary (along the right side of the right page). I doodled in other places too but the binary was significant.

Week five was Aelios’ birthday. Since we met online through ICQ, I thought it was fitting to celebrate his week with a geeky doodle.

Fun Fact: My pictures often use the miniature filtered because some of the info is personal and I really like that filter (a lot!)  (Go Seahawks!)