Mixed-media Project: Birds – Next Step

Last week, I had a sketch, an idea, and a black-gesso covered canvas. I decided to go a slightly different route than the one I initially planned.

Originally, I was going to use bold reds, oranges, and yellows to create a dark-ish background to work with the city silhouette. I learned that the person I am planning to give this to, is drawn more to blues and greens  …so I’ve changed my mind a bit – but this change goes well with the first layer of texture I have planned.

**For this next paragraph all bibliophiles should look away!** I found this old book and I ripped out the pages to cover the canvas. Now, this act alone had me rethinking why I bothered with the black gesso – BUT I think it will work well for the edges I’ve masked them off so I don’t have to worry about painting the edges (for now.)

So once the pages were prepped, I used some handy dandy gel medium and glued the suckers down. I forced myself to walk away… next steps, ripping, sanding, a wash of white gesso, and finish planning the new color palette

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