Documented Life week 8: Flap on a Flap.

This week for the Documented Life project we were challenged to add a flap to our flap. Now, this is one of the weeks I chose not to have a tip-in* so I didn’t have a flap to which to add another flap.

*A “tip-in” is really exactly what it sounds like. It is another bit of paper that you add to a book, magazine, journal that folds into the book to create a fold out spread.

Last week I was able to visit a couple times with a childhood friend. I love my friends and wish the best for them always. I want them to vanquish their foes and win every battle they have to fight.  This week’s journal entry is dedicated to my dear friends.

The smallest flap lifts to reveal an acrylic heart. The heart is on a larger monoprint circle that lifts to reveal a message.

There’s an image transfer on the left facing page – just in case you were curious as to how that image was produced. Lots of monoprints in this spread. The very background is a monoprint on deli paper.


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