Mixed-Media: Bird Painting 2.

Second Bird Mixed-Media

Finished a second bird mixed-media painting. In the last one I looked at it for a long time and thought it needed something red. I ended up not adding any red.  This time, I added a heart to one of the birds. Here’s the first for comparison. I think they both turned out.

Original Bird Mixed-Media


Documented Life Week 11: Add a Bird.

Well, I’m a few days late….but here is where I’m at with week 11 for the Documented Life Project.  This week, the challenge was to draw, collage, paint a bird into the planner.

Saturday, I made the above print. It was simple but I really was drawn to it. I decided it would make lovely little birds for my week 11 entry.  Honestly, I’m still working with doing layers. I feel like the week isn’t complete yet.

I made four little birds from this print and layered some other monoprint paper and deli paper. It’s ok for now but more must be done. Fly free….fly free.

Week 12 is to collage a magazine…I’ll be working on that one Sunday. Hopefully to post on time. This weekend I’m going to the Moisture Festival so Friday and Saturday are booked!



Gelli Plate Action – Ladies

Who doesn’t love a good fashion magazine? Well, I don’t really read them but now, I think I might get them more for my lovely lady stencils. This is my first series of lady monoprints. I’m still planning how I will use them in a different piece but I am super happy with how they turned out.

Here are just three in the series. The first one makes me think of a clown. As a former clown, myself, it makes me happy. The second feels sad even though it is in colors that I am drawn to and that make me happy.  She seems a bit worn out. The final lady feels fabulous. You can tell by her posture. She’s not going to take any crap from anyone.



Mixed-media Project: More Texture


Added some stencil shapes in molding paste, black cup rings and bubble wrap marks. Next, I think I will be adding some magazine bits and text. I’d really like to muck it up. (What’s the worst that could happen? I start over. I’m ok with that. It’s how you learn.)

Documented Life Week 9: Recycled Materials

For Documented Life Week 9, the challenge was to use something that we were going to recycle this week.

I will be perfectly honest; the only recycled bits I used for this week are the heart in the lower right on the second image and the tiny scrap of  security envelop. I wasn’t really feeling this week.

The first picture is the week spread with some journaling. I colored the week view  to correspond with Pride week at my work. The Goblin was sick most of the week so I stayed home with him a couple days.

I’m not feeling it…but it’s done.