Documented Life Week 11: Add a Bird.

Well, I’m a few days late….but here is where I’m at with week 11 for the Documented Life Project.  This week, the challenge was to draw, collage, paint a bird into the planner.

Saturday, I made the above print. It was simple but I really was drawn to it. I decided it would make lovely little birds for my week 11 entry.  Honestly, I’m still working with doing layers. I feel like the week isn’t complete yet.

I made four little birds from this print and layered some other monoprint paper and deli paper. It’s ok for now but more must be done. Fly free….fly free.

Week 12 is to collage a magazine…I’ll be working on that one Sunday. Hopefully to post on time. This weekend I’m going to the Moisture Festival so Friday and Saturday are booked!



Seattle, WA, USA

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