Wands! So fun and easy to make!

Well, it has been far, far too long since I have posted anything. This is also indicative of a lull. However, I was pushed out the funk last week when an awesome co-worker had a Harry Potter themed birthday party at work. I remembered this item on Pinterest and I knew, this was the moment!

Making the wands was really quite simple – although they didn’t start looking magical until much later in the process.

First, I purchased some chopsticks. I added hot glue and beads around the top. – Warning from my burned hand – don’t try to mold the glue in anyway until is starts to turn lightly opaque. Hot glue is HOT! (Silly me.)  I ended the glue on the chopstick about where my hand stopped if  I were to hold it like a wand.

Two coats of acrylic paint later, I dipped them into Modge Podge.  I was worried the acrylic would never stay on the glue without a sealer. Once dried the imperfections and shine made them looks really awesome! (If I do say so myself.)

A fellow HP fan helped me come up with the wand materials and now there are five happy witches in the world. I plan on making more – this was just way too much fun!







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