Fun New Adventure: Ceramics

So, last night was my beginning ceramics ConEdu course at DigiPen.  For full disclosure, I work in the Admissions Office at DigiPen. Since DigiPen opened the ceramics studio I haven’t really had much time to spend in there.

I was excited to have the opportunity to take the ceramics class. I’ve been hoping to do it for a while but finally – the stars have aligned.  Now that I have spent my first three hours in the studio, I have to say it is a remarkable place!  Ken Turner is a fantastic instructor and the studio is so clean – not something I would expect with clay flying everywhere. (Certainly not as clean as my ceramics studio would be; if I had one – and certainly more clean than my own art studio.)

Last night we walked through an orientation of the studio and got a demonstration on wheel throwing. I made two pinch pots and tried my hand at the wheel.  It certainly looked easier when Ken was doing it – but you know, I have to practice to build up new muscle memory skills. I ended last night with two thrown bowls (in addition to the pinch pots) – Ken helped me form the first one so I don’t feel like I can take as much credit for that one. The second one I made mostly on my own. Next class, I hope to do a little more with them or maybe start the base of a mug.  Unfortunately, my phone was dead so I didn’t get to take any pictures from last night’s class. Next time, I’ll risk claying up my phone for some pics.

Ken’s bio on our faculty page (bottom of page).

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