Ceramics Wheel Throwing and Hand Building

I totally felt like a major n00b today. This was week three of the ceramics continuing education course at DigiPen. I missed week two and forgot almost everything I learned during week one! Luckily, Ken Turner, is super nice and patiently answered all of my questions.

First – I am excited for the time when I find wheel throwing relaxing. It has the potential for it but I’ve found this early learning process stressful. I think  the process has been extra hard for me because I’m a lefty.  Upon the advice of my awesome instructor, I am learning how to do it the way everyone learns – but I’m not used to putting tools in my right hand so it all feels awkward and backwards.  That complaint said – practice will build muscle memory and it will be fine.

On to the pictures, first my two little pinch pots. I decided not to do too much with them. I’ll just be using them for glaze tests.

The first week of class, I  threw two bowls one of the two was hard enough to trim. I really like the bowl I trimmed today. I plan on putting down some under glaze next week. I will either be zentangling it or carving some other pattern.

Then, that final picture of the little circle slab…that slab will turn into my ambitious project – a sculpture. Over the next few weeks I’ll also be making some Christmas ornaments for gifts – and the sky is the limit. More later.

Seattle, WA, USA

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