Ceramics: Friendship Bowl.

This was the second bowl I threw. I only created two bowls during the DigiPen Con. Edu course. (Although I did make a few bridges.)

I am so happy with this little fellow. I think the birds are sweet.  The plan was to put alphabet soup noodles in the ribbon to spell something – Love, Friends, Keys…but, since I didn’t have them at the moment I put that ribbon on, the ribbon was too dry by the time I had them. Still – even word-free – I think it turned out. It is under glaze with a clear glaze top coat.

Ceramics: Family Portrait Trivet

Ok, ok – this one is a little sketchy….I had this disk left over on the last day of class that I had originally intended to use for the base of a sculpture. I postponed that project until next class and didn’t want to waste the clay.

Enter – family portrait. Here is my husband, the goblin, me, and our three cats. The clay was a bit dry.

After completing the carving, I added some black underglaze and then clear after bisquing for the final firing. A little felt to the bottom and boom. personalized (and silly) trivet.

Ceramics: The Pinch Pot

The DigiPen Continuing Education course is over. I have already signed up for the next class. I hope to focus more on wheel throwing now that the slab Christmas gifts I had are done.
During the first class I made two pinch pots.  On the last day of class I decided to glaze them. I dropped one but the other turned out. When I made it I really didn’t spend a ton of time on it; so it’s kind of lumpy.
I love how the glaze turned a rusty color as it interacted with the clay. I think will be using that more next class. Love it!

I’ve pinned a few things to make with pinch pots that I would like to do – as well as some other work that was inspiring.