DLP: Week 1 – Be your own goal keeper!

Art challenge: use book paper.
Journal Prompt: Be your own goalkeeper.
Layers and layers and layers, oh my. This year, I hope to get this project done. Mini-goal: make it through June – full goal: finish the year. Last year’s project didn’t quite make it.  I’m glad this year they are using a bigger journal and that there are no planner pages required. The Moleskine planner didn’t work well for me because I calendar my life through my computer. Plus, the pages were too thin.
I am also hoping to do something arty a day and to post said arty thing each day. Today is day three so we’ll see how it goes from here. Maybe, actually. I’ll try for five times a week.
Enjoy being your own goal keeper this year!
Seattle, WA, USA

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  1. http://www.amazon.com/Ranger-Dylusions-Reaveleys-Creative-8-25-Inch/dp/B009MRLEJI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1420929426&sr=8-1&keywords=dylusions+journal

    This is the one I have. There are smaller sizes too. Really, the main thing to look for is the type of paper you need. If you are doing mixed media – I would recommend finding a mixed media paper (like this one). Colored pencil, for example, wouldn't require as heavy duty a paper. The Mixed media holds up well against layers, water, paint, glue etc.

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