Gelli Plate: Multiple Pulls

Today and tomorrow’s posts are going to show two techniques I use on my gelli plate.  The first is building layers of paint on paper. I know a lot of people use their plate for backgrounds – I do too. But a lot of the time, I also try to pull a completed work off the plate.

I work quickly because acrylic paint dries fast. I often move right on to the second layer without waiting much for the first pull to dry. Thin coats of paint are best. I also prefer medium to heavy bodied paint.

I build up in color from lightest to darkest. Second layer, I pulled the paint through a stencil.

Final two photos are the final pull and a scan of the final image.  I put the sea horses on plate and then add paint over them.

Tomorrow’s process is pretty much the exact opposite. I like this method although I was not particularly happy with how this print turned out. There was too much paint on the first pull.

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