Ceramics: Week 2 – A Story of Four Bowls.

Well, it had been a week since I threw last and the first week I just did one bowl. Coning and centering – I feel good about it. I feel fairly confident that I can get my clay center. Obviously, more practice is better but I at least get it.

After the clay is centered – I feel pretty good about making that first divot to start opening.  Then it all gets crazy.  As you can see by my first bowl here. In efforts to turn it into something, I bent it down on itself along the thin section. We’ll see if it turns into anything.

The next attempt made into more something that looked like a “bowl” but it will likely be a glaze test; if it even survives firing. It is a little wonky. The sides are uneven because I was trying to open the bowl while bringing up the sides and compressing the clay. All of that equals uneven walls.

The third bowl was really thrown by the teacher with assistance from me. He was reminding me how to open and was helping quite a bit. I find it very difficult. I’m left handed so my brain is really trying to sort everything out. I have to really think about the direction of the wheel so I come at the clay from the correct side – otherwise – disaster.

The last bowl, I threw on my own. I was using small amounts of clay (each of these bowls is about one pound).  So next time, I am going to try with more. Next week I will be trimming any of my five attempts that are dry enough.

I really want to figure out how to throw bowls this class. I have some slab work ideas I would like to do as well, but seriously…I really want to figure this out. I’m in a beginner class but almost all of the other students are not beginners. I wish I was in a totally beginner class with at least one other lefty. At least then I would have some gauge of comparison.

I’m determined.

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