Gelli Print: Sea Creatures

Here are a couple more backgrounds. I am determined to keep using these sea creatures until I make them work in a way I am pleased with.

I am so into mermaids right now and their lack of cooperation in my printmaking is very disappointing.

The seahorse in the print below also decided he didn’t feel like showing up.

Ceramics: Carved Bowl

Here’s a friendly little bowl. Today I added black underglaze and then carved through it. It is set for bisque firing this weekend. Then next time I’m in class I will be adding celadon over it before final firing.

Gelli Print: Mustache

I’m a little late for movember with this…but maybe by the real movember, I’ll have something that I like ready. I think this is cute but the fact that the mustache is off center is a little disappointing. I am committed to posting something arty each day this year – even if that means I post fails along with my successes. It is all a process.

Gelli Print: Ladies – starters

Well, I really like the look of my new food packaging inspired stencil, although I do not like the look of this print. Some days you are off, I guess.

I try to pull finished works off the plate. These don’t quite fit the bill, so I will be adding more to them later. You may see them crop up again – or they will go off to live with the monoprints  I plan to get back to later*.

* Later could mean today, a week, month, or never.

Gelli Plate: Image Transfer

Here is the latest image transfer from my gelli plate. I actually haven’t made one in a while. Image transfers are built on the plate and the top layer is what is visible – basically, when you are done, what you see is what you get. Image transfers are great in collages. In fact, the ability to do image transfers is the whole reason I purchased the gelli plate in the beginning.

I linked to a Gelli Arts video a year or so ago that showed me the possibility. It blew my mind and I got a plate. I love using it for all the prints.

Except for the writing, everything else is either a custom stencil, hand-carved stamp, or wooden block (plus sign).

This is a scan of the full image.  I didn’t color correct it or crop it. All of the white areas are transparent. The colors above are more true.

DLP Week 8: It’s worth repeating

This week’s Documented Life Project prompt was to use repeating elements with the journal prompt of “It’s worth repeating.” Here’s my interpretation. I am a little sad that none of the text layers I put below the background color show through.

I used alcohol ink as my background color. Having never really used it in this manner, I didn’t know what to expect. Frankly, I thought the whole thing was ruined. However, with more layers it came together. Best rule of thumb – when in doubt…keep layering!

Inspiration from Food Packaging.

Yesterday morning, while making my breakfast, I noticed the crisper paper under my breakfast. Deciding it would make the most awesome stencil ever, I went to work. Weeding was kind of a pain – but, there you go.  Keep an eye out for it in my work.

Cermics: Bird

Well, in my ceramics class, I made a bird from a pinch pot. Next week, I plan on adding black under-glaze and a little red under-glaze. (I love black, red, and white – so that will be the combo, I think.)