Gelli Plate: Image Transfer

Here is the latest image transfer from my gelli plate. I actually haven’t made one in a while. Image transfers are built on the plate and the top layer is what is visible – basically, when you are done, what you see is what you get. Image transfers are great in collages. In fact, the ability to do image transfers is the whole reason I purchased the gelli plate in the beginning.

I linked to a Gelli Arts video a year or so ago that showed me the possibility. It blew my mind and I got a plate. I love using it for all the prints.

Except for the writing, everything else is either a custom stencil, hand-carved stamp, or wooden block (plus sign).

This is a scan of the full image.  I didn’t color correct it or crop it. All of the white areas are transparent. The colors above are more true.

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