Face and Inktense

Alright, so here is the sketch from yesterday with a little inktense color.  I am planning on drawing a face a day for 100 days. We’ll see how it goes. I have a bunch of faces pinned. Probably to start we’ll be doing a lot of mug shots, then eventually three-quarter. Also, I am living for the Stabilo 8046 Black pencil.

Face the Facts Workshop with Dina Wakley

Final spread – two faces, the first one was just pencil, the second painted.

Friday, I went to a really excellent workshop at Ben Franklin in Redmond where Dina Wakley was teaching a three hour version of her “Facing the Facts” workshop.  Dina’s teaching style is quite fun.  I was pleased with my final spread although I like my second girl (to the right) best.

Dina recommended a few things that that I have done or plan to do. The first – make a Pinterest board of faces (done). Second, she recommended trying to draw a face a day for 100 days (at least). This goes right in line with my whole “do something arty” every day resolution; so I think I might give it a go. My Dylusions journal is being used for the documented life project, so I will be using my Strathmore mixed-media journal for faces. I’m looking forward to the classes I’m taking on Sunday.

Ceramics: Stencil Experiment.

Under-glaze test – I decided to do a little test with some glazes. I took some of the stencils I’ve been using in my various journal entries and did some layering on a tray.  When I set the glaze down, I hit the tray breaking it, so I did the test on both parts.

These middle two pictures are pre-bisque firing. I used alphabet noodles to make the work “dream”.  I have to suggest that if you use alphabet noodles to make words in your clay, bisque immediately. This one sat for a week drying and the moisture in the clay made the noodles mold.  It was gross. I’m looking forward to the results of this experiment. Below are the pieces post-bisque. I added a layer of clear glaze over the seahorse last night and the fish got celadon.  More picks to come!