Ceramics: Stencil Experiment.

Under-glaze test – I decided to do a little test with some glazes. I took some of the stencils I’ve been using in my various journal entries and did some layering on a tray.  When I set the glaze down, I hit the tray breaking it, so I did the test on both parts.

These middle two pictures are pre-bisque firing. I used alphabet noodles to make the work “dream”.  I have to suggest that if you use alphabet noodles to make words in your clay, bisque immediately. This one sat for a week drying and the moisture in the clay made the noodles mold.  It was gross. I’m looking forward to the results of this experiment. Below are the pieces post-bisque. I added a layer of clear glaze over the seahorse last night and the fish got celadon.  More picks to come!

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