Practicing Faces 150 – a Milestone.

Above before and after the application of water. So I draw the image in “Copy not NP Blue” pencil and then I add the Stabilo 8047. That pencil is where all the magic is stored. Water releases the magic from the pencil. Below is a larger scan.

Above – all the tools I use to produce these black and white practices: Strathmore mixed-media soft cover journal #567-7, Prismacolor Col-Ease 20028 “Copy not NB Blue”, Stabilo 8046 (The Magic Pencil), Aquash Brush, Papermate black pen (Only if applied at the end with no additional need for water! This pen is NOT waterproof.) If I am going to do something that requires waterproof ink, I have another pen for that. I recently added the Bic whiteout for the highlights in the eyes. Just to make them brighter, assuming I got a little too crazy with the Aquash.

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