Practicing Faces 150 – a Milestone.

Above before and after the application of water. So I draw the image in “Copy not NP Blue” pencil and then I add the Stabilo 8047. That pencil is where all the magic is stored. Water releases the magic from the pencil. Below is a larger scan.

Above – all the tools I use to produce these black and white practices: Strathmore mixed-media soft cover journal #567-7, Prismacolor Col-Ease 20028 “Copy not NB Blue”, Stabilo 8046 (The Magic Pencil), Aquash Brush, Papermate black pen (Only┬áif applied at the end with no additional need for water! This pen is NOT waterproof.) If I am going to do something that requires waterproof ink, I have another pen for that. I recently added the Bic whiteout for the highlights in the eyes. Just to make them brighter, assuming I got a little too crazy with the Aquash.