Gelli Print 5: Practice…

Same technique as the last few prints. I’m going to work on this one a bit./ I think something really cool could come of this. I stenciled the girl and then hand painted the color. Not too pleased with the brush strokes but otherwise intrigued.

Gelli Print 4

ok, we’re kind of going on a journey here. This one gave me an idea that I am going to work on tomorrow.  There are a few lessons learned here. 1) let the paint dry! I added the last layer (white) before the black outline of the face was dry. Silly mistake.  2) notice the white blotches? I pulled the paper too soon. The longer the paper sits on the final, wet layer the better.

Gelli Print 3

Just like with the faces, you’ll get to see every print regardless of how good it is. This one had some residual images of the ladies from No. 2. It didn’t turn out as I would have liked. Now, if you do gelli printing, you may wonder why I am only doing one a day when you can make like 400 in a day. I’m not just working on textural backgrounds. My hope is to pull complex images. As I’ve mentioned, I put on several layers of paint and allow dry time between each layer. So it takes longer to do them.

Gelli Print 1

I created this print by adding layers of paint on the gelli plate and then letting each layer dry before adding the next layer. I took the picture to the left here through the plexiglass sheet I have my plate on because I was worried the image wouldn’t pull.

I’ve been doing so many faces, I haven’t played with my plate in a while. As you can see by the rest of the photos, the print pulled fairly well.

Goals during this 100 days:

1) pull a print a day. (This might be challenging during the work week because it takes a long time to build the layers and time is something I don’t have much of during the week. We’ll play it by ear.)

2) push it too far – too many layers, too much added after. Test all the limits. I’ll build up to that.

I’m pretty happy with this one. More tomorrow.

Gelli Arts Printing DIY Stickers

So, I watched this video from Gelli Arts the other day…

I grabbed some labels that I had laying around and gave it a try. I don’t have the mini gelli plates yet. (They are currently in transit.) I think this will be a fun technique to add some fun to my mixed-media journal pages. I did another page that would have been amazing but I used light amount of paint and left it on a bit. And many of the labels stuck to the plate during the pull which was less than ideal. I was able to save a few, at least.

Practicing Faces 200!

Well, 200 faces down. I’m going to take a short break from daily faces and do 100 days of something else. I’m not sure if it will be gelli printing, eraser carvings, mixed-media – or maybe just 100 days of whatever art thing I want to do. 100 days of trying new techniques.