Gelli Print 6: Heartbreaking….so close. More tries.

Ok, progress and heartbreak. So, I stenciled the girl (she and the other girl are stencils created from drawings completed during my 100 days of faces.)

Lessons learned (notes to self):
1) Don’t forget to paint in the stencil connector lines.

2) If you roll on the flesh tones do *not* use paper to lift the extra (see wonky eye).

3) You may want to make additional masks for rolling paint.

4) Oi, make sure there is enough wet paint over the whole thing for the pull. (See gaping white holes.)

PS: As you move on, go back to mixing your own skin tones. The “flesh” paint you have is dull. Although, you can use it up. Such a bland color and it does not work well with umber.

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