The Unexpected Challenge – Artist Trading Card 1

This card was so much fun to make. So I participated in a swap for mixed media “Unexpected Challenge” where the host picked from a list how I would create the card – starting from a blank card.

This is card one. My challenge was to:
– Draw Random Shapes (it didn’t say what medium so I chose inktense pencils because then I could water them up and spread the color around.)

– Add a weird picture (it didn’t say what type of picture it had to be. I was practicing mark making the other day and drew this face without lifting my pen. She got some inktense too.)

– Add recycled paper or art (I used some waste paper from under my gelli plate.)

It was hard being told what to do but it was a great exercise. So much fun.


Well, thanks to my husband, I’ve been a little distracted by Creativerse. So it will be a throwback today. I’ll be in the studio later today so tomorrow should be some new work. Here’s an ATC from 2009. It’s called, “Self Love”. Enjoy!  I’ve come a long way, I think.

Artist Trading Cards: Series 2 of Women two of five.

I’m working on another series of women ATCs. Like yesterday’s series, these are inktense-colored women from custom stencils created from drawings I did over the last several months. They were mounted on a gelli print background.

The one on the left reminds me of pop art a bit. I adore her. The one on the right has the best hair. More should be ready to post tomorrow. These are available for trade.

ATC Women Series 1

I re-cut six of my custom stencils to ATC size and mounted them on gelliprint background. They were colored with Inktense pencils. I will likely experiment with these more over the next few weeks.

These are currently available for trade.

Whimsical trio Artist Trading Cards.

I haven’t made any Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) in several years. I’m going to a few art retreats soon and thought I would make some to have on hand. I’m really happy with how these turned out.

These are inktense-colored, hand-drawn ladies, mounted on gelliprint backgrounds. All of the stencils used were custom made. The 27, star, period, comma, and asterisks are from a stamp set I purchased form PaperSource a million years ago.

These are already promised for trade but I will likely be posting more over the coming weeks.