Not sure if it will ever work – maybe I was impatient.

So, this weekend I started building her on the gelli plate…
A few layers in. Loved the texture. 

Here is most of her. Notice parts of the background and hair were left unpainted. I was
going to use a clear gel medium to pull her off of the plate. This way I could use a
previously created background. I usually pull these off with a white or unbleached white color. 

After adding the gel medium and the paint it was time to wait. The yellow color you can see on the
hair was the background already on the paper. I have my gelli plate on Plexiglas. 

Alas, the gel medium was not totally dried when I pulled the paper.
I also think I did not role it out smoothly enough. 

Sigh. More experiments to come. I might try regular gel next.
I also need to wait longer before doing the pull. Heartbreaking.
I have not decided what I will do with her yet. She could become a zombie
really easily.

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