Selfie of Danial Powers. The artist who this website is about.

Danial Powers is a mixed media artist. Her work is featured on the covers of body image zine Love Me, Love My Belly #001 (Porkbelly Press, 2014), and My Own Strange Beast (Porkbelly Press, 2017).  Her illustrative style has evolved over years as a mail artist, using media from marker, hand-carved blocks & stamps, pencil, inks, paint, and collage.

For the last several years, she’s been studying faces, and challenged herself to draw 100 faces over 100 days, since completing over 350. She has explored proportion and color, developing a whimsical style which captures the essence of the individual she brings to life on the page. She finds people endlessly fascinating, and loves working from candid shots. She has received many commissions over the last year to do portraits, including individuals, family portraits, and pets, and looks forward to many more! She’s grateful for every opportunity to get to know, and draw, new people. She lives in Seattle with her husband, son, and two cats.

Published Works:

  • Owl of Freedom, cover art, My Own Strange Beast, Melissa Atkinson Mercer; 2017, Porkbelly Press, Cincinnati, OH
  • Belly Love, back cover, Love Me, Love My Belly, Issue #001 Winter & Spring 2014, Porkbelly Press, Cincinnati, OH

Classes & Workshops:

  • Introduction to Watercolors, Lake Burien Physical Therapy, May 2018
  • Stamp Carving 101, Ben Franklin, Redmond WA October, 2016
  • Eraser Carving, DigiPen Institute of Technology, July 2014, August 2016
  • Zentangles,DigiPen Institute of Technology, July 2014


  • Surreal Humanoids – Alien Series Coloring book, Kickstarter, July 2018,  successfully funded!
  • Make 100: Sloth Relief Prints, Kickstarter, Make 100 Promotion, January 2018; Not Funded.
  • Whimsical Illustrations, Kickstarter, Commission Promotion, November 2017; successfully funded and completed in January 2018.