J&C Family, Acrylic and paper on canvas!

Image of four people, two adult women, and two children, one boy and one girl. Also includes a small dog.
J, C, and family.

12×12 acrylic and mixed-media on canvas. This was such a fun commission. Really enjoyed painting these lovely peeps. Happy Anniversary!

I know it’s been like a month since I have posted on my blog. I’ve actually been posting every day but mostly on instagram and my new Facebook page. I am planning a new website which will move me away from blogger and onto wordpress for my URL. Enough about me.

In other news, I’ve also opened an Etsy shop.

Mixed-Media: Bird Painting 2.

Second Bird Mixed-Media

Finished a second bird mixed-media painting. In the last one I looked at it for a long time and thought it needed something red. I ended up not adding any red.  This time, I added a heart to one of the birds. Here’s the first for comparison. I think they both turned out.

Original Bird Mixed-Media


Mixed-media Project: More Texture


Added some stencil shapes in molding paste, black cup rings and bubble wrap marks. Next, I think I will be adding some magazine bits and text. I’d really like to muck it up. (What’s the worst that could happen? I start over. I’m ok with that. It’s how you learn.)

Mixed-media Project: City Silhouette

Alrighty, so we left off on the project with a simple textured blue-greenish background.  I sketched and cut out the cityscape (picture 1 and 2).

Then using the mono-prints, I created the new silhouette. I’m waiting for some stencils to arrive which I plan to use with molding paste to add a little more texture. I also plan on painting a little more on the buildings to remove a little of the background paper color as well as to add lights in the windows. (I think – I’m still considering that.)


Mixed-media Project: Silhouette monoprints.

So, I was going to print out a known cityscape, create a stencil and paint it onto the canvas. Instead, I decided I would create some black mono-prints to use for the city silhouette. Prints are done. I just have to plan what the silhouette will look like and then draw, cut and attach.  I made three similar prints. Once the city is planned and cut, I’ll post again.

Mixed-media Project: Birds – Finally Some Color

This week, I peeled back the non-glued page sections and sanded the whole thing. Then the canvas got a wash of white gesso and (after dried) another sanding.

I planned my new color palette. I’m going to go with more soft – but not pastel – blues and greens. I plan on including a tiny bit of red/purple along the silhouette. I think I should have painted the initial color down farther but that is easily fixed tomorrow or so.  I warned you that this project would be slow going.  I don’t think the pictures quite do the colors justice.

FYI – My desk has a glass top and under it there is room to put “stuff”. I only mention that for those of you who, like me, like to look behind the subject of a picture to see what else the photo holds. In picture two you can see the cover of a Powerful Choices for the Environment booklet that I worked on at my former job. In the first picture you can see my parasite pal patches. Those things still crack me up!


Mixed-media Project: Birds – Next Step

Last week, I had a sketch, an idea, and a black-gesso covered canvas. I decided to go a slightly different route than the one I initially planned.

Originally, I was going to use bold reds, oranges, and yellows to create a dark-ish background to work with the city silhouette. I learned that the person I am planning to give this to, is drawn more to blues and greens  …so I’ve changed my mind a bit – but this change goes well with the first layer of texture I have planned.

**For this next paragraph all bibliophiles should look away!** I found this old book and I ripped out the pages to cover the canvas. Now, this act alone had me rethinking why I bothered with the black gesso – BUT I think it will work well for the edges I’ve masked them off so I don’t have to worry about painting the edges (for now.)

So once the pages were prepped, I used some handy dandy gel medium and glued the suckers down. I forced myself to walk away… next steps, ripping, sanding, a wash of white gesso, and finish planning the new color palette