PSD Badges

Alrighty, so while posting those circle prints, I realized whatever image I do with the circle gelli plate, could easily be turned into a badge.

So to test it out,  I made these three little badges. They need other stuff too like words or a focal point but regardless, three little badges for your viewing pleasure. (And by “your” I mean the, like, four people who look at my blog. (Thanks for looking!))

FreshPaint: Girl Three

Another play day with FreshPaint. I used the oil paints this time. Still a little flat. I actually want to practice value for my arty practice this year. So many ideas – but I still have over 300 days to figure it all out!

FreshPaint: Girl Two

Alrighty, here is another little girl created through the FreshPaint App. I like this one a little better than the one posted earlier in the week. I think if I keep doing these throughout the year, I will get more used to the tool.

FreshPaint: Girl One

Ok, for Christmas, my husband got me a new HP two-in-one, or a “laplet”, “tabtop”.. It’s a tablet with an attachable keyboard. None of this is really the point. Besides the fact that Win 8.1 takes a bit of getting used to, and as a Google girl, I had to really work to set everything up the way I wanted. Anyway, it came with a fun little app called FreshPaint.

At first, I didn’t really see the true potential, then after watching a few little YouTube tutorials (of course), I began to see how fun it could be. I ordered a Sensu brush/stylus and got to work. I was playing around with the water color features.