Gage Academy of Art – Week 3

Well, friends, today we started week three of our five week course. We started charcoal and a two-class drawing. We covered preparing the contour and then adding some initial value. I assume next week we will continue to turn the form and finishing it up. I felt like I had a bit of a break through with my contour tonight.
Now, I don’t know if it was due to the fact that we were using charcoal pencils instead of graphite or if I am just starting to get muscle memory for the new way we’ve been holding our pencils.  Regardless, I was pleased with my progress.  After I got to the point shown above, I was nervous to move on to adding value. I ended the class on the image below, having added some initial tone but not completing it.  That’s how I’ll be spending my three hours next week.

Gage Academy of Art – Week 2

Hello again! Last week, contour drawing. – This week we were turning form. I think mine turned out ok. The paper I was using had a lot more tooth than it should have. For some reason the recommended brand doesn’t come in smooth any more. The new way of holding my pencil is also holding me up a bit. I need to practice.

The roadblock with the pencil is my left-handed brain.  So, it may sound weird to you right-handers, if you’ve never had to learn something from a lefty.  But looking at how a pencil is being held in a right hand and converting that to how I would hold it and use it in my left hand is kinda tricky. Try to learn something from an “other” hander and you will understand.

Once, in wood shop in 9th grade, I was using a jig saw.  I had my hands placed exactly where the shop teacher explained they should be for safety. My hands were backwards.  You know what that means? I came about five jig saw cuts close to cutting my left thumb off.  Luckily, I moved my hand in time.

Next week we start charcoal.  This week – practice adding value!

Gage Academy of Art – Week 1

Well, just finished my first, 3-hour drawing class for week one at Gage Academy.  I decided to take a beginners course because I haven’t drawn for a while or had any real instruction, so, I thought it would be a good refresher.

I think my contour drawing turned out ok. There are a few issues but for a first attempt it worked out. This week, I have to practice doing more contour drawings. I was on target with the rest of the class.

Next Tuesday, we work on value.  I have a long way to go; practice will be the key.

Drawing Again.

I watch A Show with Ze Frank regularly.  Last week, I re-read the transcript of the video above. After that, I realized I was feeling unhappy and needed to make some changes.  So, I decided I was going to add more structured art time to my life. I don’t do enough of it and I love it.  No point in wasting time wishing I was creating art when I could just be doing it!

Since, most of my work lately has been mixed media, imagination, abstract, and nonrepresentational art. I haven’t really drawn from direct observation with any level of seriousness since the stone age (or 1996).  With this in mind, I’ve recently registered for a class at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.  I’ll be starting there end of this month.  It’s a beginner class – because I was worried that my skills had deteriorated.  I figured this class would be a good kick-start to warm up my skills.

Since I have a good three weeks before the class starts, I thought I would read Betty Edwards, Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain book as a pre-class warm up. Today, I did the three pre-instruction drawings of a self-portrait, my hand, and face from memory. I will post a side by side after I’m done reading the book and completing the exercises.

After doing the drawings today, I thought I would just sit down and try to draw something simple from direct observation – Enter LED flashlight. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty good for not drawing in years. In fact, the self-portrait I did today was better than the one I did three years ago when I started the Betty Edwards book back then.  In fact, I’m not even sure if I will see this through to the end but I’d like to and I have plan – which I should probably flesh out into a “smart” goal with a timeline and tasks and such.

LED Flashlight – direct obs, pencil on paper – 15 min

Off we go! No point daydreaming when I can just make it happen.