Walls Journal: Postered Wall

So, while cleaning my studio, I found this Walls Notebook. I was going to get rid of it because I’ve had it for a long time and have done nothing in it….but as it sat on my give away pile, I thought it might be a fun little project. Above, the first page. I was wondering if I could make it look like a wall covered in posters.

Gelli Arts Printing DIY Stickers

So, I watched this video from Gelli Arts the other day…

I grabbed some labels that I had laying around and gave it a try. I don’t have the mini gelli plates yet. (They are currently in transit.) I think this will be a fun technique to add some fun to my mixed-media journal pages. I did another page that would have been amazing but I used light amount of paint and left it on a bit. And many of the labels stuck to the plate during the pull which was less than ideal. I was able to save a few, at least.

The Wedding Statue

A friend of mine asked me to make a cake topper for her wedding with her and her fiance standing under a Bowery and Canal Street sign wearing shirts with their favorite team logos.  Below is a photo log of its creation. The base of this topper was a DIY Wedding Cake Topper kit from Uncommon Goods, I didn’t have the cake dimensions so the final product ended up sitting near the cake instead. I’m so happy for the bride and groom. The ceremony was beautiful and so uniquely them.

Supplies from the Uncommon goods DIY cake topper plus custom made stencils for the team logos.
Getting everybody dressed – tape is my friend.
Scariest part, adding logos, done.
Faces add personality.
Street signs.
Sidewalk corner and grass
Adding a few little paper flowers.
All done! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Wadden 6/6/2015 – love you both!