Wands! So fun and easy to make!

Well, it has been far, far too long since I have posted anything. This is also indicative of a lull. However, I was pushed out the funk last week when an awesome co-worker had a Harry Potter themed birthday party at work. I remembered this item on Pinterest and I knew, this was the moment!

Making the wands was really quite simple – although they didn’t start looking magical until much later in the process.

First, I purchased some chopsticks. I added hot glue and beads around the top. – Warning from my burned hand – don’t try to mold the glue in anyway until is starts to turn lightly opaque. Hot glue is HOT! (Silly me.)  I ended the glue on the chopstick about where my hand stopped if  I were to hold it like a wand.

Two coats of acrylic paint later, I dipped them into Modge Podge.  I was worried the acrylic would never stay on the glue without a sealer. Once dried the imperfections and shine made them looks really awesome! (If I do say so myself.)

A fellow HP fan helped me come up with the wand materials and now there are five happy witches in the world. I plan on making more – this was just way too much fun!







Alcohol Ink Coasters

A few months ago I found this alcohol ink tile project on Pinterest.  One of my friends had a box of tiles she didn’t need anymore so I was able to totally do this project just for the cost of the alcohol inks.

At first, I tried to just drip the ink on to the tile like the poster of the original project did.  I didn’t like how it was turning out so instead after adding multi-drips of different colors, I used the felt blender to move the ink around.

Periodically, I would spray the whole tile with a mist of rubbing alcohol. This gave me white dots and added more depth to each of the tiles. After they dried I gave each of them about four coats of spray varnish and added felt pads to the back.

Buttons Bracelets

I found this button bracelet pin and thought they would make nice gifts for some of the girls in my life. The problem with this pin is that I couldn’t find a full tutorial on how they finished the bracelet. So,  instead I surfed up a few knot tying videos on YouTube and figured out how to clasp them.

I am pretty pleased with the results. I can thank YouTube and Shipwreck Beads for the successful completion of this project. Oh and one of my friends who recommended a clamp clasp finish for the ends. (Oh, and my friend who explained a question I had about the square knot video.) I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to do. I made about 20 of these bracelets.



I found this dinosaur pattern on Pinterest from this site. I thought it would be an excellent gift for all the new babies in my life. I found some awesome fleece for half off and made eight little dinosaur friends. I added button eyes and mouths.

I gave my little goblin the prototype and he carried it around with him for days.  Every time he sees one he says, “You made that?!” I hope all his friends enjoy them.

These are super easy to make. I don’t use a sewing machine so I did them all by hand. The tricky part is making sure to sew completely through the ribbon or else it will not quite be in the seam. Of course, this might be easy to do if you use a machine.

Someday I’ll find a fellow lefty who is accomplished with sewing machines and let him/her show me how to thread the things.  I always, always do it backwards. Ah well. I like sewing by hand anyway. I find it relaxing.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust – It Works!

Many months ago on Pinterest, I saw this pin about a cauliflower pizza crust.  Although, skeptical, I pinned the recipe thinking I’d try it some day. Well – someday has arrived! Today, I made this little gem of a recipe. I think I could have squeezed a bit more water out of the cooked “cauli-rice” before blending the rest of the ingredients but it still worked out well.  You can tell it isn’t a regular crust when you eat it but as far a substitutes go, it is quite tasty. I would certainly make this again. Follow the link above for the full recipe. Pictures of every step (except the microwaving after the rice-ification step and the mix in the bowl.) Also, the cauli-rice stage shows me some good options for rice dishes. Maybe some fried “rice” is in my future.

Porcelain Mugs

The last of my holiday projects that I will be posting about was from this pin. I was going to Zentangle on the mugs but I am not an expert Zentangler. Tangling on a curved surface proved quite challenging. My one tangle attempt turned out ok. The main problem with this project was the inconsistency of the pens.

Maybe it was user error, I found the pens to give too much or not enough ink which caused inconsistency with my lines – regardless, after baking I was able to run the cup below through the dishwasher and it held up fairly well. There was one area on the other side that vanished. I ran one unbaked cup through the dishwasher and it was blank when it came out. It had dried for more than three days. I didn’t like the design so it was great that it washed off and confirmation that the ink wouldn’t hold up without baking. Unfortunately, I’ve wrapped all the other mugs and forgot to take pictures first!
This was a fun project overall and a great inexpensive way to make some gifts. I bought white mugs from a thrift store. The most expensive part were the pens!