Another Throwback – Art Class, Circa ’92-95

Found this cleaning the studio. I made this in high school. We took the original drawings and put a grids on them and then drew the sections on our blank grid.

The window was changed from the original. There was a party on the inside with people dancing. I edited because – well look at it!

I’m surprised I still had this. I got rid of a lot of art once when I moved and I don’t know how this made it from Michigan! (Same with the clowns from yesterday.)

Painting by Heart: Cats

 Good Morning. Here is the other painting I completed in Jenny Doh’s class, “Painting By Heart”. I was going to do a human face on the canvas but in the morning, I realized there were a whole bunch of faces. Cats are cute.

Painting by Heart: Flowers

Please forgive the quick unedited pictures. I’m still at Art and Soul in Portland. I  don’t have much time this morning because I have to get to class but, I had to show you one of the paintings I did in Jenny Doh’s “Painting by Heart” class.

First four photos are all of the layers that went into it. When I get home I will try to get some close up shots with my good camera to really show you how they come through.  I am just so happy with the two paintings I did. I can not wait to do more.