The Fellowship! LoTR

You can’t see it from the scan, but I put gold leaf on the one ring and shimmer on Gandalf’s staff stone, Gimli’s axe head, and the gold decorative details of Boromir’s shirt. I’ll post close ups on instagram. (@empressdragon)

Happy Cotton Candy Day! (And Mutt’s Day)


Illustration of boy holding cotton candy with a dog on his shirt.

HI! I have been a little slow on updating my blog. Mostly, for two reasons:

1) I plan on updating my website; so, I’ve been lazy about updating this blog. (My web URL currently redirects to this blogger.)

2) My Instagram automatically posts to my Facebook page which is quite convenient. I have to manually do this – which will be no excuse once I complete item  one, above.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page (I’m only 9 people away from 100 likes!) I will be making more of an effort to update here, Once I get my new site up, I will be migrating there totally.