Ceramics: Tray in Progress

Here’s a little boat tray I have in progress. I used a chrysanthemum button for the bottom and a bird embossing plate on the inside. This was an experiment so we will see how it all comes together. It’s prepped for bisque firing now.  I think I will just be clear glazing the inside.

Opearl – Love this glaze

So last week I glazed one of my bowls with opearl. I love it! I’m so glad I took my ceramics teacher’s advice of adding a little more to the inside and adding little extra around the rim. I’m really pleased with how this bowl turned out. Opearl may have just replaced shino as my new favorite glaze.

Ceramics: Bird

Phase 2 for the pinch pot bird – it had some drying time. I’ve added underglaze into all of the carved spaces.  Phase 3 will be to clean it up once it is bone dry. Then, the bisque fire.  Final stage, clear glaze! I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Ceramics: Carved Bowl

Here’s a friendly little bowl. Today I added black underglaze and then carved through it. It is set for bisque firing this weekend. Then next time I’m in class I will be adding celadon over it before final firing.