Gelli Arts Printing DIY Stickers

So, I watched this video from Gelli Arts the other day…

I grabbed some labels that I had laying around and gave it a try. I don’t have the mini gelli plates yet. (They are currently in transit.) I think this will be a fun technique to add some fun to my mixed-media journal pages. I did another page that would have been amazing but I used light amount of paint and left it on a bit. And many of the labels stuck to the plate during the pull which was less than ideal. I was able to save a few, at least.

PSD Badges

Alrighty, so while posting those circle prints, I realized whatever image I do with the circle gelli plate, could easily be turned into a badge.

So to test it out,  I made these three little badges. They need other stuff too like words or a focal point but regardless, three little badges for your viewing pleasure. (And by “your” I mean the, like, four people who look at my blog. (Thanks for looking!))

Gelli Prints: Circles and Sun Rays

If only I could combine these two. In the first print, I like the sun rays quite a bit. The second print’s sun rays didn’t come through as much but the star did (because I did it first like I should have in the first print.) Oh, you didn’t realize there was a star in the first print? There is. You just can’t see it because I put it in the wrong place. These prints were built on the plate in layers and done in one pull.

Gelli Print: Sea Creatures

Here are a couple more backgrounds. I am determined to keep using these sea creatures until I make them work in a way I am pleased with.

I am so into mermaids right now and their lack of cooperation in my printmaking is very disappointing.

The seahorse in the print below also decided he didn’t feel like showing up.