Gelli Arts Printing DIY Stickers

So, I watched this video from Gelli Arts the other day…

I grabbed some labels that I had laying around and gave it a try. I don’t have the mini gelli plates yet. (They are currently in transit.) I think this will be a fun technique to add some fun to my mixed-media journal pages. I did another page that would have been amazing but I used light amount of paint and left it on a bit. And many of the labels stuck to the plate during the pull which was less than ideal. I was able to save a few, at least.

PSD Badges

Alrighty, so while posting those circle prints, I realized whatever image I do with the circle gelli plate, could easily be turned into a badge.

So to test it out,  I made these three little badges. They need other stuff too like words or a focal point but regardless, three little badges for your viewing pleasure. (And by “your” I mean the, like, four people who look at my blog. (Thanks for looking!))

Gelli Prints: Circles and Sun Rays

If only I could combine these two. In the first print, I like the sun rays quite a bit. The second print’s sun rays didn’t come through as much but the star did (because I did it first like I should have in the first print.) Oh, you didn’t realize there was a star in the first print? There is. You just can’t see it because I put it in the wrong place. These prints were built on the plate in layers and done in one pull.

DLP Week 3: Shapes and Colors.

Week three Documented Life Project Challenge. – loved it. The quote by Gerogia O’Keeffe, “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way.” really speaks to me.

Gelato gel sticks, acrylic, and vintage paper circles.

My original design idea was to go from dark to bright colors depicting the spectrum of emotion that I feel. You know, the whole point of expressing things with shape and color that can’t be expressed in words. However, the page spread had other ideas. Once the gelato background was made, I tried this circle tutorial. (Love it.)

Anyway, the circles prompted me to break out my bubble stencil. Then the whole thing just got, well, happy. No deep message, just pure color joy! The quote is still true.