Practicing Faces 253….

Sometimes when I am practicing, I will have several days of success followed by several days of failure. I think I am in a failure period. I’ve been distracted and uninspired but I practice every day anyway. I really believe that making marks – even the uninspired ones – brings the next period of growth. So here’s the sort of flat and wonky queen of hearts.

Gelli Arts Printing DIY Stickers

So, I watched this video from Gelli Arts the other day…

I grabbed some labels that I had laying around and gave it a try. I don’t have the mini gelli plates yet. (They are currently in transit.) I think this will be a fun technique to add some fun to my mixed-media journal pages. I did another page that would have been amazing but I used light amount of paint and left it on a bit. And many of the labels stuck to the plate during the pull which was less than ideal. I was able to save a few, at least.

Ceramics: Tray in Progress

Here’s a little boat tray I have in progress. I used a chrysanthemum button for the bottom and a bird embossing plate on the inside. This was an experiment so we will see how it all comes together. It’s prepped for bisque firing now.  I think I will just be clear glazing the inside.