Practicing Faces 259: Nevertheless.

As you may or may not know, I have a new year’s resolution to post something arty every day. I did this to encourage daily practice and when I did this in 2015, I saw some really great growth.

However, today was a challenge. I am tired and the marks were just not landing. I don’t know if you can tell in this image but there were a lot of lines before I added the final Stabilo marks.  While trying to turn my lines into something even a little interesting, I was thinking about Elizabeth Gilbert’s book: “Big Magic“. It is about creating living beyond fear, inspiration, trust -etc. (It was a good book.) I enjoy creating and wanted to work despite my lack of inspiration. I also thought about Elizabeth Warren and “Nevertheless, she persisted”. I know this is quote is for something much bigger than my daily art practice but today…today, it was a reminder I needed in order to push through.

Practicing Faces 253….

Sometimes when I am practicing, I will have several days of success followed by several days of failure. I think I am in a failure period. I’ve been distracted and uninspired but I practice every day anyway. I really believe that making marks – even the uninspired ones – brings the next period of growth. So here’s the sort of flat and wonky queen of hearts.